Medical Applications are subject to regulatory requirements. The Design Process has to produce reliable and user friendly applications and be able to show evidence of following all the required Product Development steps.  It is crucial to have competent and experienced persons for the development phase if you want to keep timeline during design phase.

Etteplan has created processes and secured ISO 9001 certificate and has ISO 13485 certificates for its offices in Espoo and Halmstad. This one gives a good basis for the medical applications creation.  We can adapt to  customer’s process when necessary. We also take care of the project’s life cycle tracking of requirements into robust architecture, Detailed Design and Testing.

Services and Solutions for Medical Applications are:

  • Risk Management Plan, PHA, FMEA
  • Consulting and on-site development services
  • Customer specific product design in hardware, mechanics and software
  • Turn-key project deliveries including support for NPI
  • Automated testing solutions for R&D and production
  • Certified LabVIEW developers and architects
  • Internet end-to-end solutions,  Mobile User Interfaces and Apps
  • Laboratory services for hardware, RF-, Antenna and EMC testing

More for information contact: Karl-Kristian Högström, +358 40 565 4622

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