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  • Building your IoT solution
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We are an industrial internet integrator. We develop your business models, find your industrial internet business and get the technology needed to build the solutions to enhance your business and create new revenue streams.

We develop Industrial Internet solutions for several industry domains and are familiar with the different business models and business opportunities in practice. We provide assistance in the implementation approach and technology selection. We operate closely with IBM for cloud service platforms and with ARM-technologies on the device side, but are not in anyway limited to these in the selection of technology.


For more information please contact Anssi Kuoppala,  +358 50 522 8698,

Latest articles

  • Industrial internet increases requirements for antennas 28.12.2017 industrial internet , wireless , laboratory , electronics

    Wireless devices are becoming more common due to industrial internet. The antenna performance is often characterized by three parameters: efficiency, gain and selectivity...

  • NB-IoT Breakfast 27.9.2017 27.09.2017 industrial internet , wireless , telecom , electronics

    Great NB-IoT session today, with speakers from Ericsson, DNA, u-blox and F-Secure. Some pictures and the presentation materials available here...

  • Case SKS – Wireless LoRa based sensor 31.03.2017 industrial internet , wireless , electronics , software

    SKS Automation needed a sensor suitable for industrial use that works wirelessly. The selected LoRa technology transmits measurement data wirelessly up to tens of kilometers, and it connects easily to Industrial Internet applications. ARM mbed technology significantly reduced the time needed to pull off the project.

  • Case Rivender - Stores without salesclerks 16.03.2017 industrial internet , electronics , software

    Grocery stores will make a comeback in suburbs and small towns if entrepreneurs warm to the unmanned store solution ModulShop of Rivender Ltd. The invention is predicted to become a huge success in Finland and European export markets. The solution is based on Finnish leading-edge know-how.

  • Choose Your IoT Platform With Care 30.05.2016 industrial internet , software , anssi rantamäki

    When creating an IoT (Internet of Things) system, you have to pay attention to many details. One is choice of the right IoT platform. There are many IoT platforms, and they’re difficult to compare.

  • LoRaWAN Certification – Frequently Asked Questions 13.11.2015 testing , industrial internet , wireless , laboratory , jouko nikula

    LoRaWAN certification program was announced on 10th of November 2015. We’ve learned that there is a remarkable interest among LoRaWAN community to get the products certified. Hence, we’ve released a FAQ to help the community with the most common questions.

  • World's first LoRaWAN certification! 10.11.2015 testing , industrial internet , laboratory , jouko nikula

    The industrial Internet is growing and spreading quickly. Where there is a need to collect data from an Internet-of-Things (IoT) network consisting of a large number of devices or to control devices in a large area, a long-range wide area network (LoRaWAN) is a powerful data transfer solution.

  • Lue artikkeli Espotelista Liiketoiminnan digitalisointi -julkaisussa! 04.11.2015 espotel , industrial internet , tomi kyllönen , finland

    Ite wikin tavoitteena on kerätä yhteen tietoa it-alan toimijoista ja tehostaa alan hankintaa sekä myyntiä. Nyt ite wiki on julkaissut ensimmäisen alan julkaisunsa. Liiketoiminnan digitalisoinnin ensimmäisen osan keskiössä olevia teemoja ovat Internet of Things ja Teollinen Internet.

  • Espotel LoRa Platform is now released 21.10.2015 industrial internet , wireless , industrial , telecom , defence , jaakko ala-paavola

    The ARM mbed enabled LoRa prototyping platform from Espotel is now officially published and live at ARM mbed platforms site. The purpose of the platform is to enable rapid prototyping and small scale piloting, and serve as reference design for development of full custom products.

  • Harvesting electricity from temperature difference 30.09.2015 industrial internet , industrial , defence , prototyping and studies , consulting , eero heikkinen , electronics

    New processors use less and less electricity, so Internet-connected industrial sensors can be installed in even more diverse and exotic places.