Industrial Applications

Industrial solutions are typically designed for long lifetime and high reliability.

Industrial products are manufactured for years and both material and maintenance costs during the product lifetime are important to recognize during the R&D phase. Products are designed for long operational lifetime and devices or systems stay operational even for decades. Special consideration is needed to allow maintenance in the field. Spare parts are needed years after the system was installed, and sometimes these spare parts need to be redesigned to fit the purpose.
Requirement for high reliability and availability is obvious because Industrial applications are often mission critical or safety critical and may operate in hazardous environments. Special attention in several phases of the product life cycle and development is required.

From Etteplan you can get Industrial appliance development power and Industrial Internet solutions combined with Functional Safety and/or ATEX-expertise. Both for Device Creation and entire product deliveries with manufacturing mgmt.

We provide:

  • Consulting and on-site development services
  • Customer specific product design in hardware, mechanics and software
  • Turn-key project deliveries including support for NPI
  • Automated testing solutions for R&D and production
  • Certified LabVIEW developers and architects
  • Internet end-to-end solutions,  Mobile User Interfaces and Apps
  • Laboratory services for hardware, RF-, Antenna and EMC testing

For more information please contact Kalle Mannonen,  +358 40 735 8787, or our office closest to you.

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