Defence applications can be handheld devices or vehicular based systems, flying or submerged.

The common nominator from defence applications is the requirement for ruggedness, reliability and tolerance for harsh conditions - meeting the MIL specification levels. The application itself often requires latest technology and high computing power.

Services and Solutions for Defence are:

  • Consulting and on-site development services
  • Customer specific product design in hardware, FPGA, DSP, RF and software
  • Automated testing solutions for R&D and production
  • Certified LabVIEW developers and architects
  • Internet end-to-end solutions,  Mobile User Interfaces and Apps
  • Laboratory services for hardware, RF-, Antenna and EMC testing

For more information contact: Kari Viitala, +358 40 550 7041


Latest articles

  • Espotel LoRa Platform is now released 21.10.2015 industrial internet , wireless , industrial , telecom , defence , jaakko ala-paavola

    The ARM mbed enabled LoRa prototyping platform from Espotel is now officially published and live at ARM mbed platforms site. The purpose of the platform is to enable rapid prototyping and small scale piloting, and serve as reference design for development of full custom products.

  • Harvesting electricity from temperature difference 30.09.2015 industrial internet , industrial , defence , prototyping and studies , consulting , eero heikkinen , electronics

    New processors use less and less electricity, so Internet-connected industrial sensors can be installed in even more diverse and exotic places.

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    IBM Bluemix is a service for building, managing, and running applications in the cloud that uses powerful open-source technologies.

  • Espotel acquires test laboratories in Jyväskylä 03.06.2014 espotel , industrial internet , industrial , medical , defence , kari liuska , laboratory , ismo kaastinen

    Espotel has acquired test equipment and facilities from Ixonos in Jyväskylä. These are unique from test coverage point of view in Finland.

  • Espotel integrates ARM mbed Ecosystem with IBM cloud for Industrial Internet applications 14.04.2015 espotel , industrial internet , industrial , medical , defence , jaakko ala-paavola

    ​Espotel has joined the ARM® mbed™ ecosystem as a partner providing cutting edge end-to-end Internet-of-Things services and solutions for industrial applications.